Ofertes de projectes ESC (SVE)

Ofertes de projectes ESC (SVE)

Joves de 18 a 30 anys

El programa European Solidarity Corps (anteriorment Servei de Voluntariat Europeu) contempla que la franja d’edat per poder participar-hi és de 18 a 30 anys.

Troba més detalls sobre els requisits a l’apartat Condicions de participació a un projecte ESC.

Com triar el projecte

Si estàs interessat/da en alguna de les ofertes vigents, llegeix les Condicions de participació per a Estades ESC per entendre quin és el procediment d’inscripció i preparació.


Envia’ns un correu electrònic a voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org explicant les teves motivacions i el projecte en què estàs interessat i ens posarem en contacte amb tu al més aviat possible.


El procés per fer un projecte amb European Solidarity Corps és més llarg que el d’un projecte de llarga durada normal. Així que si hi estàs interessat/da, llegeix amb atenció les condicions de participació i contacta aviat amb nosaltres!

SVE en Rumania


WHERE: Panciu, Romania.

WHEN: March 2019 – September 2019

HOSTING ORGANITZATION: The Daily Centre Pinocchio managed by Asociatia Lumea lui Pinocchio, hosts regularly about 40 children, part of whom belongs to the Roma minority of Panciu.

PROJECTS AND TASKS: The volunteers involved in the educational sector, together with the local staff, will prepare and carry out educational activities for children (afterschool, literacy, non-formal education, workshops on recycling, games, crafts, sports…) and they will also participate in coordination meetings of the association and the educational sector.

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, antes del 15 de febrerovoluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC en Rumania”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

SVE en Grecia


WHERE:  Athens, Greece.

WHEN: March 2019- February 2020

HOSTING ORGANITZATION: ELIX is a Greek Non-Governmental Organisation committed to promote active participation in public life and the evolution of individuals as global citizens. Founded in 1987, ELIX has used innovation to support and educate more than 10,000 local agents of change, in Greece and more than 40 other countries around the world.

PROJECTS AND TASKS: The project involves a lot of administration work; therefore, volunteers should be ready and willing to work in the ELIX office together with other volunteers and staff of the organisation.

Each volunteer should possess the following:

● Strong interest in international mobility projects,

● Previous volunteering experience (preferably in workcamps or other volunteering activities) and/or international Youth Exchanges,

● Good understanding of non-formal education and informal learning,

● Good computer skills (Internet, Microsoft Office, Google Doc),

● Adequate level of English,

● Embraces the values of sustainability, gender equality and social inclusion.

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, lo antes posible a voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC en Atenas ”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

SVE en Belgica


WHERE: Marche en Femme, France.

WHEN: March 2019 – March  2020

HOSTING ORGANITZATION:La Maison des Jeunes (MJ) / the Youth Club is an association financed by the French Community of Belgium. We work in Marche-en-Famenne, a 17.000 inhabitants’ town which is located in the south of the country. Our
mission is to promote youth active citizenship, participation and empowerment. In all our activities -trainings, creative and artistic workshops, outdoors activities and visits, organization of concerts and cultural events- we strive to work on the basis of a “pedagogy of the project.” Through negotiation, preparation, implementation and evaluation of activities, we hope to encourage young people to acquire new skills and support them in developing themselves as persons and citizens.
MJ team: Piet, Ludivine, Alejandro (EVS), Anka, Yorick, Pierre and Simone.
The young people who come in the youth house are in between 12 & 26 year old.
Our youth participates in activities such as: dance, African drumming, music courses, fashion design workshops, organization of concerts, events and radio emissions (more info:

PROJECTS AND TASKS: The volunteer will have the possibility to participate in all our activities: artistic workshops, sport activities, organization of cultural events and free time activities in the youth club. The youth club is open almost every day of the week after school ends, organizes more than 10 musical concerts (hip hop – rock – pop – metal – electro) every year as well as different trainings (guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, pictures…) corresponding to holidays period at school.
The volunteer will be involved in all these activities and will be able to propose his/her own
after school activities. S/he will also work sometimes in partnership with other local youth and social organizations
(with disabled people, local school, educators…).

VOLS PARTICIPAR? QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés lo antes posible a voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “SVE Marche en Femme”

Fecha límite: 15 de febrero 2019

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

SVE en Italia


WHERE: Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia, Lombardia, Italy.

WHEN: 15th March 2019 – 12th March 2020


The “Fondazione Galignani” carries on its activity to welcome, give assistance and guidance to local and migrant young people in order to encourage their integration and a more active taking part in the everyday local life. To this end the Foundation manages a youth center, organize training courses (municipal youth council, emotional and sexual education courses, courses on the risks and dangers of the network, civical apprenticeship, educational counseling, workgroup for dyslexic teenagers) and the Palazzolo Digital Festival.


Trough this project “Jump in Europe” the volunteers will have the opportunity to gain experience and expertise in all areas in which the Foundation operates in favour of young people. The volunteers will be helped by qualified staff of the Foundation, especially those who are operating in the youth center, in municipal youth councils and the digital festival. The volunteers will be particulary in touch with children of primary school and young people of secondary school of first degree. They will plan, organize and manage all those activities for the youth aggregation, helping them in doing their homework, in sport activities, in cooking laboratories and so on. They will also take part in activities to promote the youth social mobility especially in the European Voluntary Service. They will be active part in the  community life during the youth municipal councils and will be of support to the staff in organizing meetings of Palazzolo Digital Festival expected in September 2019 and in the activities of Palazzolo Digital Hub.

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, antes del 22 de febrerovoluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC en Palazzo”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

SVE en Alemania


WHERE: Berlin – Germany

WHEN: 18th of March 2019 – 18 of September 2019

HOSTING ORGANITZATION: VJF (Union of Young Volunteers) was founded in March 1990 and is an officially recognized non-profit association for organizing youth works, with the aim to expand the idea of international voluntary movement. The association organizes international youth meetings in the course of short-term projects (workcamps) and long-term projects (weltwärts, European Solidarity Corps) as sending, hosting and coordinating organization

PROJECTS AND TASKS:The volunteers will work as camp leaders for most of VJF’s work and language camps. That includes staying in different locations in Germany with changing international groups for about 2 – 3 weeks for each camp.
Expected camps include:
German Language Camp 1 (02.-12.04.2019)
Spring Break Easter Camp (15.-26.04.2019)
Project and Meeting Place Krimiweg Camp (06.-17.05.2019)
Berlin KFSR- Remember the Spanish freedom fighters (12.-23.08.2019)
German-Language Camp 2 (12.-23.08.2019)
Later on, during the ESC, the volunteers will be able to consolidate their skills and competences during the teamer’s training (04.-07.07.2019). They will continue to lead different work camps for the VJF all over eastern Germany. Their work will include the preparation of free time activities, the guidance of the camp participants regarding working and organisational issues as well as the communication with project partners, mediation and the financial responsibility for the work camps.

VOLS PARTICIPAR? QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés lo antes posible a voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Requisito: Buen nivel de aleman.

Asunto: “SVE con VJF ”

Fecha límite: 15 de febrero 2019

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.



WHERE: Hästekasen, Sweden

WHEN: March 2019 – December 2019

HOSTING ORGANITZATION: An association that is building up a farm and a retreat center (yoga, diving, outdoor activities). Small scale farming and a few animals. At times lots of intense building going on. At times laid back back and time for talks, walks, cooking and outdoor activities.

In need of visitors that helps, inspire, becomes inspired and share knowledge.

PROJECTS AND TASKS: The volunteers involved will do this tasks:

– Permaculture gardening/ small scale farming (some animals). Soil and
manure work. Recycling of resources.
– Natural building with logs, wood, stones, clay, straw. With hand tools.
– Food preservation, baking.
– Work in forest.
– Possible to do handicraft.
– Receiving taking care of guests.
– Survival nature skills / camping.
– Learn Swedish and/or english.
– Excursions.

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, antes del 15 de febrerovoluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC en Hästekasen”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

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