Camps de treball internacionals a Catalunya


A Catalunya es porten a terme anualment uns 15 camps de treball internacionals, que acullen al voltant de 300 persones participants d’altres països, però reservem tres o quatre places a cada projecte per a catalans i catalanes. Un camp internacional on faràs voluntariat i descobriràs la riquesa i particularitats de la teva terra! Són projectes organitzats per entitats catalanes molt diverses, bona part d’elles membres de COCAT.


El procés d’inscripció és el mateix que per als Camps de Treball a l’estranger. Per a inscriure’t, vés a la secció Cerca i inscripció a camps de treball internacionals de la web.


La llengua vehicular del camp serà l’anglès, així que… comença a practicar!

+ info dels camps CAT

CAT01: TURÓ DEL MONTGRÒS: archeology in Catalonia

From 30/06/2020 to 14/07/2020

LOCATION: Turó del Montgròs, el Brull, Osona

The workcamp takes place in Turó de Montgròs, an Iberian fortress located in the Montseny Natural Park. The objectives of the workcamp are to excavate and help maintaining the archeological site and, at the same time, learn and appreciate the richness of the natural environment.


Excavation and extraction of land in order to expose various sectors of the fortress; draw different stratigraphic sections and preparing files of the retrieved items; cleaning, sifting and classifying the items found; maintenance tasks on the forest surrounding the archeological site.  Archeology work will be done while working on the Wall. Chores will be taken to dig and dig.


In “Alberg Mas Casadesus”, a farm house that was built in 1540. There are rooms with bunk beds. There is also a common full equipped kitchen, library, dining room, washing machine and free Wi-Fi.


Volunteers will have a wide range of afternoon activities, evening and night games, which aim to improve group relationships and venture into the area of human values.They will enjoy a spectacular nature space. There will be cultural outgoings in the area and also in Barcelona (the transport paid by volunteers).


CAT02: Beyond the vineyard: dry stone heritage

From 18/07/2020 to 010/08/2020

LOCATION: Subirats, Alt Penedès

This projectis a camp based on dry stone works, which were declared cultural heritage by UNESCO. Participants are going to recover a huge stonewall in a vineyard area and also a shepherd stone hut. They are also going to work in Civil War trenches area in order to make them more accessible to visitors.


The main work in the camp will be the recovery off different dry stone works (wall, hutsand Civil War trenches). To do this, participants will have the support of experts from CESUB, Subirats historical studies group. They will be provided with all the material needed and experts will contextualize the work they do, the history of the area and the role played by dry stone and vineyard. This will be the principal work but also the volunteers will take part on some naturalistic and environmental works like nest boxes making or path cleaning. Work areas are close to accommodation area and participants will be taken there by bus.


The participants will be installed in “ZER Montcau”, the school of Ordal.They are going to use a school multifunctional area. They will sleep indoors and

Mattresses will be provided. They are going to eat outdoors and a cateringservice will serve the food.


Free time and leisure activities will include group games, workshops and cultural activities in order to learn more about Catalan culture and the vineyard tradition in the area. Participants will visit cultural and historical areas and a museum in Subirats, a wine and champagne factory and also the city ofVilafranca del Penedès, the Catalan wine capital. They will also visit the city of Barcelona, which is only 45km from the accommodation area.


CAT03: Els ibers, life underground

From 26/06/2020 to 10/07/2020

LOCATION:La Llacuna, Anoia

The field of work will be carried out at the archeological site of the Iberian settlement of Castellar (La Llacuna).There will be training activities in the municipal premises for a study center and exhibition hall on the historical and archeological heritage of La Llacuna.


The technical work is focused on excavate a small area of ​​the site in order to improve the research done so far. The objective is to review some of the rooms excavated the previous year, and to open a new sector following the section of wall of closing and terraced rooms already discovered.You have to learn to recognize the materials, learn how to document and extract them in situ at the site and the interpretation of the work done.


In the building close to the municipal swimming pool. The volunteers will live in the second floor of the building which is composed by a big dormitory, a pantry area, a patio and a dining room. There is an outdoor kitchen. The volunteers will use the bathroom and the showers of the swimming pool.


Wide range of free time activities proposed: cultural visits, training activities, daily assembly, debates, swimming pool, games and party nights.During the weekends the volunteers will have the opportunity to visit la Llacuna, the medieval castle of Vilademàger and to make excursions to Plana d’Ancosa.


CAT04: ST ISCLE CASTLE: Looking for a past

From 16/08/2020 to 30/08/2020

LOCATION: Vidreres, La Selva

St. Iscle Castle is situated in Vidreres, a XII century town. The castle is a historical patrimony of big importance in Catalonia, but for many years was degraded and abandoned. Two weeks to learn and share experiences with people from different countries around the world, gain archeological and cultural knowledge, get to know the natural environment, participate in free time activities and much more!


The technical work consists on archaeological excavation, restoration, rehabilitation, subsequent management and public dissemination.The daily work will be focused on the recovery of the various rooms of St. Iscle, in order to make possible its restoration. Participants will be provided with the necessary tools and our archaeologists will explain the basic techniques about ruins restoration.


At the Salvador Espriu School. The accommodation is held in the gym floor that will be equipped with mattresses and cabinets for all participants. Sleeping bags are needed.  Toilets and showers will be the ones of the school and the municipal swimming pool is just in front of the Salvador Espriu School. The living facilities will be in the same school. Meals will be held at the school canteen.


Many activities in the village (gymkhanas, film forum, visits to the seminal market…), interaction with local people. Cultural excursions (Girona, Barcelona, Lloret de Mar and Costa Brava).

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: Grup d’Esplai Vidrerenc


From 14/07/2020 to 28/07/2020

LOCATION: Montsoriu Castle, Arbúcies, La Selva


Work camp participants tasks consist of the excavation of the chosen area, using the extension excavation system and registration for stratigraphic units (EU), following an adaptation of the Harris method.The technical work will be focused on the following main aspects: cleaning of the excavation area, archaeological excavation, cleaning and labelling the archaeological materials found during the workcamp. The purpose of these activities is to acquire new basic knowledge about archaeology.


The accommodation will take place in the castle, in a room with bunk beds. Portable WC and showers (no hot water), a dining room tent and a kitchen will be installed outside the castle. At the weekends, accommodation is provided by the municipality in a municipal sports centre in Arbúcies. Therefore the participants have to bring their own sleeping bags and sleeping paths.


Camp leaders propose leisure activities in the afternoons/evenings and they are always open to volunteers’ proposals. All activities have the intention of creating a certain group dynamic.Different trips are planned: one to Tossa, Monastery of Breda and another one to Hostalric castle.

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: Cooperativa Naturjove d’Arbúcies


From 09/08/2020 to 23/08/2020

LOCATION: Cornudella del Montsant, Priorat

The workcamp takes place in CornudelladelMontsant. The village is one of the territory included in the Montsant Natural Park, one of the most beautiful and peaceful park in Catalonia. The workcamp is about the protection and preservation of its natural environment.


The project is focused on the roads recovery and the construction of paths with dry stones in the natural park.

The participants will also construct planters and mobile wooden games in order to decorate the schoolyard situated in the natural park.

The workcamp aims to raise awareness on the importance of conserving the environment, make known the territory, create a happy work environment and promote educational and fun activities


Mongolian Yurts fully equipped with kitchen, beds and bathrooms. For showers we’ll use Sport center showers, the access to them is near the workplace. Sleeping bags are needed. The conditions are very basic.


Activity to improve group relations and human values.Astronomy, botanical workshop, ethnology (observation and study of insects), theatre and musical evening.Excursions to the most important and characteristic places of the natural park and to the river.

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: Associació Tierra Altaï

CAT07: Roman city of Aeso

From 26/08/2020 to 09/09/2020

LOCATION: Isona i Conca Dellá, Pallard Jussá

The workcampobjective is to bring young people closer to different aspects of archaeology, such as exploration, excavation and the treatment of materials.


Arqueological Cleaning and keep record of the Pont de Covet, archeological prospecting of Ager(territory)which depends of the ancient Roman city, where it is feasible to locate new archeological sites and treatment of archeological materials.


Knowledge of the cultural and natural environment: rivers, castles, churches, paleontological sites. Municipal swimming pool.Visit of theMuseum of Isona and Conca Dellà.


Accommodation in the municipal hostel, 15 beds and full kitchen equipment and bathrooms.Possibility of vegetarian menu.


From 09/08/2020 to 23/08/2020

LOCATION: Talarn, Alt Urgell

The workcamp takes place in the village of Talarn (412 inhabitants). It’s the joining of two projects that since 4 years have been involved in the patrimonial zone of la Torre de Capdella. It’s a candidate for Geoparc of UNESCO. The workcamp main goal is to share values and knowledge through an active involvement in technical work in the archeological and patrimonial zone.


Adjustment of the environment in the lime kiln, introducing security measures to prevent falls. Recovery of the old (medieval) road. Carry out actions aimed at completing archeological excavations and the restoration of existing architectural elements, always with the approval of the Department of Culture.


Participants aregoing to stay in oneyouthhostelcalled Alberg de Talarn. Participants have in one room where there are 12 bunk beds with shelves to store.


Visit to an old carbon factory in Talarn. Excursion to a lake nearby where the volunteers will be free to play aquatic sports.Other excursions in the surrounds of Talarn. Excursion to VallFosca.

CAT09: Conservation of old paths in the Pyrenees

TEENS:From 01/08/20 to 15/08/20, 24 Vols. 14-17. 220 Extra Fee.

LOCATION: Soriguera, Pallars Sobirà

The purpose of this workcamp is to participate in the recovery of old paths and also learn of the history of the Pyrenees, learn about culture and nature,preservation and conservation.


The technical work of the project “The conservation of all Paths in the Valley of Siarb” consists on physical work: clearing paths, putting stones aside the way, rebuilding the easier section of dry stone wall, improving the signals with paint and improving paths of the paved section.


The accommodation is with camping tents in a terrain called Llavaners. Aprox 1000 m altitude near a small river. Isolated place inside the nature. The volunteers are in charge to cook and to keep the area clean and safe. There will be a  camping gas kitchen. Volunteers will use the toilets and showers of the Hostel of the Llagunes town.


Many activities in the village (gymkhanas, film forum, visits to market…), interaction with local people.Cultural excursions.Circuit of Geocaching, visits to the villages nearby.Celebration of the major parties.Visit to bunkers and trenches from Spanish Civil War.


CAT10: Bultra’20

From 02/08/2020 to 16/08/2020

LOCATION:Balaguer, La Noguera.

Natural environment International workcamp, cleaning and improving natural paths.


The work to do is about cleaning and taking out introduced herbalspices (mainly canes and other introduced spices that grow  in the zone and can be found in the margin of the paths in the zone called “Bultra” in the “Hortad’Avall” in Balaguer. Volunteers will help to the creation of a natural itinerary for trekking.


The accommodation is in a hall of a school with Matrasses, a full equipped kitchen in the outside of the school. The volunteers will use the bathroom and showers of the gym.  The food is km0 and mostly vegetarian.


Volunteers will have a wide range of afternoon activities, evening and night games, which the aim is to improve group relationships and work into the area of human values. They will have the opportunity to visit Santa Maria de les Franqueses, and a cultural visit in Balaguer.

CAT11: Cal Massó: visual arts, music and movement

From 12/07/2020 to 26/07/2020

LOCATION: Reus, Baix Camp

In this work camp we propose a space of creation linked to the world of music, visual arts and dance in which young people become creators and at the same time interpreters.


The work will consist on:-Historical examination of the building.-Presentation of the participants and their artistic abilities.-Set of the musical part and part of movement. -General test and exhibition.


The accommodation will be in the school La Vitxeta. The participants will sleep at the school’s gym, on the floor with a straw mattress.The volunteers will use the school’s kitchen for breakfast and catering for lunch and dinner. There will be toilets and shower.


Volunteers will have a wide range of afternoon activities, evening and night games, which aim to improve group relationships and venture into the area of human values. They will have the opportunity to visit Tarragona and they will do an excursion to the fantastic Cambrils (fishing harbor) and beaches. Cultural visit in Reus (modernism route).Participation in a rehearsal from the CollaCastelleradelsXiquets de Reus (human towers).


CAT12: LAKE OF SILS: menagement and restoration of a protected catalan wetlands

From 15/08/2020 to 29/08/2020

LOCATION: Sils, La Selva

Workcamp with the main objective of maintenance, restoration and conservation of the natural environment of the Catalan wetlands of Sils and its biodiversity.


The technical work will consist on:Improving forest and Lake Habitat:- Elimination of invasive exotic species.- Monitoring of wildlife interest groups. – Follow-up of biodiversity.- Restoration of paths


Accomadation in tents,of maximum five people, a tent for material and a toilet area. The kitchen will be located in the old jam and canning workshop.


Every afternoon will be dedicated to leisure activities and workshops, wildlife viewing, games, trips, meetings, discussions and other activities that may be agreed between all the members of the group. There will be leisure activities every day, and some days some excursions like Vistining Girona, Marimurtra Botanic Garden and Blanes town.



CAT13: El Catllar

From 17/07/2020 to 31/07/2020

LOCATION:El Catllar, Tarragonès

In the 2020 edition of River Gaia workcampvolunteers will be working on the second phase of the project: Restauration the riverine zone Resclosa de la Fabrica (Gaia river).


The technical work will consist on:- Improving forest and river habitats, focusing especially on the natural river Gaià and la Reclosa de la Fàbrica- Elimination of invasive exotic species.- Monitoring of wildlife interest groups. – Follow-up of biodiversity.


Public School of l’Agulla. The kitchen and the hygienic services like showers and WC are the ones of the school.


Every afternoon will be dedicated to leisure activities and workshops, wildlife viewing, scavenger hunts, games, trips, meetings, discussions and other activities that may be agreed between all the members of the group.

PARTNER ORGANIZATION: Associació mediambiental la Sínia


From 26/06/2020 to10/07/2020

LOCATION: Campredó, Baix Ebre

The workcamp is about developing an archeological project in Campredó, a small village in the south of Catalonia with an important architectural heritage. The participants will have the possibility to discover and recover an entire wall of the “Prat house”, a remarkable medieval tower.


The technical work consists in the improvement and maintenance of a part of the walls of the Prat House and its surroundings. With the help of an archaeologist, all the materials will be cataloged, appropriately measured and photographed, in order to make the ancient tower a tourist attraction.

This activity involves related tasks such as: removing herbs and plants, stacking them, taking them to the storage trough, learning the use of certain tools, chopping, loading stones, cleaning them, cataloging, photography , etc.

These technical activities also involve related learning such as: teamwork, companionship, patience and problem- solving.


Free afternoons with games, dance workshops organized by the Campredó Ball Association, cultural activities and soccer tournament. Workshops related to the Mestràlia fair: during the first weekend, the workcamp will coincide with the celebration of la “Feria Mestrana”.Two workshops will be held in the framework of the fair: a body pre-training workshop and a workshop on how to make a guitar. Free time and access to the municipal swimming pool: there will be a free municipal swimming pool service, with swimming or aquagym courses.


The school of Port- Rodó, mattresses will be disposed on the floor. Sleeping bag needed. Access to the municipal swimming pool. Volunteers will cook themselves in the kitchen of the school.



From 20/07/2020 to 30/07/2020

LOCATION: Gerb-Os de Balaguer

This workcamp is focused in the heritage retrieval of the surroundings of Cal Abadia; our main goal is doing useful work for the people in Gerb, and bring the participants closer to the reality of the daily life of a rural Catalan village.


The work to do this year will  be focused in the cleaning and removal of plants and other herbs in the old houses of the antique town, putting special interest in the House called “Cal Abadia”, possible remains of a castle of the Count of Urgell.


The accommodation is in the sports center of Gerb in the Hall with Matrasses. The kitchen is in the outside of the center. The toilets and showers are the ones of the sports center.


Afternoon activities: Communication games, popular games organizedbytheparticipants in littlegroups, magnet or pin workshop, following animal traces in nature,  orientation, coloured salts, Olympic rural games, aqua gymwiththeparticipation of the youngsters of thetown.

Nightactivities: Partywiththeyoungsters of thetown, traditionalsongcontest, camp games, closing party.

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