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Si estás interesad@ en alguna de las ofertas vigentes, lee las Condiciones de participación para Estancias ESC para poder saber cuál es el procedimiento de inscripción y preparación.


Envíanos un correo electrónico a voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org explicando tus motivaciones y el proyecto en el que estas interesado y nos pondremos en contacto contigo lo antes posible.


El proceso para hacer un proyecto con ESC es más largo que el de un proyecto de larga duración normal,  así que, si estas interesad@, lee con atención las condiciones de participación y ¡contacta pronto con nosotr@s!


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Puedes consultar las condiciones de participación en proyectos ESC de COCAT aquí.

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Volunteering in Belgium

WHERE: different places as Havelange, Ciney,  Rochefort, Genappe, Liège, Lasne and Marche-en-Famenne.

WHEN: different dates (from September 2023 to September 2024) for duration of 10-12  months.

WANT TO APPLY? click here.

DEADLINE: end of May.

HOSTING ORGANISATION: Compagnons Batisseurs Belgium

Volunteering in Iceland

WHERE: Stadur.

WHEN: 12/06/2023 to 08/11/2023 for duration of 5  months.

WANT TO APPLY? click here.

DEADLINE: 31/05/2023.


Volunteering in Austria

WHERE: Vienna.

WHEN: start in autumn 2023 for a duration of 9-12 months.

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DEADLINE: 12.06.2023.

HOSTING ORGANISATION: Grenzenlos – Melange

Volunteering in Germany

WHERE: Pfaffenhofen (30 km outside of Munich).

WHEN: from 01/06/2023 to 31/12/2023

WANT TO APPLY? click here.

DEADLINE: ongoing application.

HOSTING ORGANISATION: Landes-Caritasverband Bayern

Volunteering in Hungary

WHERE: Nógrád county, in north of Hungary.

WHEN:  from April 2023 to 31/01/2024

WANT TO APPLY? click here.

DEADLINE: ongoing application.


Volunteering in France

WHERE: La Maison des Bateleurs, Beaumotte  and Vir’Volt.

WHEN:  from 01/09/2023 to 31/08/2024

WANT TO APPLY? click here.

DEADLINE: ongoing application.

HOSTING ORGANISATION: Solidarités Jeunesses

Volunteering in France

WHERE: several places all around France (Rennes, Paris, Nantes, Tours, Bordeaux, Montpellier…)

WHEN: from September/October 2023 (12 months).

WANT TO APPLY? click here.

DEADLINE: open places.

 HOSTING ORGANISATION: Compagnons Batisseurs


WHERE: Barcelona, Catalonia.

WHEN: from 01/02/23 to 30/11/23  (10 months)

HOSTING ORGANISATION: Coordinadora d’Organitzadors de Camps de Treball Internacionals de Catalunya – COCAT


The role of the volunteers who will participate in our ESC project will be to support the incoming, outgoing and the A4A-inclusion/ESC/communication areas.

It means one of the volunteers will be supporting the work that is done to host volunteers (incoming), the other one will be supporting the work that is done to send volunteers (outgoing), and the third one will be supporting the work in the A4A-inclusion/ESC/communication area.

They will be promoting an international voluntary service, producing informative material, participating in informative sessions, updating the web and the social networks, and publishing articles and posts on our website.

They will manage administrative tasks and will work in a team in COCAT’s office.



  • Give information to the volunteers that want to go abroad on a work camp (picking-up the phone and answering emails).
  • Placement and registration process by using our database and contacting international organizations.
  • Promote international voluntary service.
  • Organization of the informative sessions about work camps and long term projects to promote volunteering.
  • Communication tasks like producing informative material in social media. The volunteers will update the web and the social networks, and publish articles and posts on the COCAT website.
  • Organization of the post-camp annual volunteers meeting at the end of the work camp season.
  • Help with the organization of the photography contest organized by COCAT at the end of the season.



  •  Strong motivation for youth voluntary projects.
  • Experience in volunteering.
  • Good English level and basic Spanish.
  • Consciousness that the project will have a big administrative part (although in the summer the project gets more dynamic).
  • Motivation and proactivity.



  • Having participated in a work camp or in other international youth projects (youth exchanges, training).
  • Spanish knowledge.
  • Will to learn Catalan and ability for foreign languages.
  • Experience, interest in communication and social media.


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Send your CV  (in ENGLISH) to voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org  and fill this form

DEADLINE for applications: 29/10/22

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