Ofertes de projectes ESC

Joves de 18 a 30 anys

El programa European Solidarity Corps (anteriorment Servei de Voluntariat Europeu) contempla que la franja d’edat per poder participar-hi és de 18 a 30 anys.

Troba més detalls sobre els requisits a l’apartat Condicions de participació a un projecte ESC.

Com triar el projecte

Si estàs interessat/da en alguna de les ofertes vigents, llegeix les Condicions de participació per a Estades ESC per entendre quin és el procediment d’inscripció i preparació.


Envia’ns un correu electrònic a voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org explicant les teves motivacions i el projecte en què estàs interessat i ens posarem en contacte amb tu al més aviat possible.


El procés per fer un projecte amb European Solidarity Corps és més llarg que el d’un projecte de llarga durada normal. Així que si hi estàs interessat/da, llegeix amb atenció les condicions de participació i contacta aviat amb nosaltres!

Volunteer in ITALY


WHERE: Roccantica (Laci) Italy

WHEN: April 2020 – November 2021

HOSTING ORGANITZATION: ALA Associazione Liberi Artigiani



This voluntary project aims:
• to reinforce the spirit of local solidarity towards a community objective of territorial development,
• to encourage the opening of the community towards knowledge and cultural and intercultural exchange
• to bring young people closer to volunteering activities and common good’s care.

The volunteers will be actively involved in the development of the ALA project and active member of activity
addressed to the local communities with the common goals to support the empowerment of the youngsters
and sense of citizenship between the inhabitants. The volunteer should be available to interact and work with
in the volunteer in civil service that are managing and restoring trekking trails, be open minded, interested
and open to propose workshop and activities addressed to youth, childrens and adults.
All the voluntary activities are manage to support the volunteer to gain self-confidence, autonomy and by the
time shape the mission on his/her personal goals.

This project is organized to support the volunteer to gain experience, knowledge and competence in manag-
ing a small organization and and deal with local development, communities.

Starting from the characteristic of the place, a small village in the mountain, this represent an intense experi-
ence base on sharing,invest time in relation, live life with simplicity away from the city input.

The objectives are:

1. to promote solidarity between citizens
2. to develop the sense of citizenship in the local communities raising active participation
3. to improve the sense of belonging and the knowledge of the places in which the project is realized
4. to promote inter- culture and cultural exchange
5. support the personal development and growth with volunteers

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envia un correu electrònic amb el teu CV i una carta de motivació amb anglès a voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC Italy”

Más info sobre el proyecto aqui.

Organic Farming in the Netherlands

ESC IN Netherlands

WHERE: Kamerik, The Netherlands

WHEN: March 2020 – March 2021

HOSTING ORGANITZATION: Internationale Vrijwilligersprojecten

This project aims to raise awareness of what life is like on an organic dairy farm, and to share knowledge
on important sustainable organic farming practices, and homemade farming products, with ESC volunteers and members of the wider community.


• Working with animals: the milking of cows, taking care of cattle
• Maintenance of the natural landscape and farmland
• Help with creating organic farm products like cheese, butter, yoghurt
• Selling locally produced organic food products in the shop onsite
• Promoting the shop and its products & raising awareness of the importance of organic food
• Maintaining and developing the farm’s educational walking route
• Giving a hand where needed

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, lo antes posiblevoluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC en Netherlands”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

Eco-Village, Hastekasen, Sweden


WHERE: Hastekasen, Sweden

WHEN: March 2020

HOSTING ORGANITZATION: The long term vision of Hästekasen is a small ecovillage and nature/adventure activity center.

The farm itself has an ambition of self sustainability. It is already happening. You can be part of breaking new ground for small scale ecological farming. Contribute with your effort and build low impact ecological houses for a small ecovillage. Take care of farm animals and forest. Participate in adventure activities on your free time

Depending on how long you stay you will learn self sustainability and be part of a future ruralisation. You will learn to grow food without machines, you will learn to build your own house, cheap and ecological.

You will be able to pursue your own projects within the community.
We will give you freedom and responsibility.
We expect you to grow and become a leader.

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, lo antes posiblevoluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC en Suecia”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

There is no planet B, Italy


WHERE: Florence, Italy

WHEN: 1.4.2020 – 30.11.2020



The idea of this project is to educate volunteers to be able to share and trasmit
eco-friendly lifestyle, discovered during the ESC project.

The project will involve a total of four volunteers for eight months and will
take place in different places of Florence and in Tuscan countryside.
All activities of the project will be related to environmental issues and education at school,
maintenance of green and protected areas, and active participation in the community at local,
national and European level.

In particular, volunteers will take part in two different contexts: one is the office of
Legambiente in Florence and the correlated activities in the city (campaigns, events, ESC
promotion, environmental education at school); another one is the natural context of Tuscany
countryside (parks and protected areas managed by Legambiente).

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, lo antes posiblevoluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC e Florence”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

EKOenergy - Finland


WHERE: Helsinki, Finland

WHEN: 01/03/2020 to 31/12/2020

HOSTING ORGANITZATION:Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto (Finnish Association for Nature Conservation)


EKOenergy is an international not-for-profit ecolabel for sustainable renewable energy. We are hosted by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and are active in over 40 countries. We welcome 2 new European Solidarity Corps volunteers, 1 from France and 1 from Spain) to help us promote renewable energy in France and Spain (+ other French and Spanish speaking countries). The project activities include setting up climate change campaigns, contacting energy consumers, writing articles,… Other tasks include general support of the EKOenergy secretariat, social media…
 All tasks happen from our office in Helsinki. The volunteers will cooperate with about 6 other volunteers, from 6 countries. 
For more information see for example: https://youtu.be/Pv0AXqAkAxw

The volunteer will be part of the young and dynamic EKOenergy team. They should be eager and enthusiastic to promote nature-friendly renewable energy. We are looking for team-players, interested in initiating and managing own activities and sub-projects.

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, lo antes posiblevoluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC e Finlandia”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

Volunteer in Estonia


WHERE: Estonia




Multiple projects in Estonia. Mostly focused on work with children. For more information please check the website. The placements listed here are actively looking for a suitable volunteer. You can apply up to 3 placements simultaneously but please list them in your preference order.

QUIERES PARTICIPAR? Envía un correo electrónico con CV y una carta de motivación en inglés, lo antes posiblevoluntariat.ltv@cocat.org

Asunto: “ESC en Estonia”

Más info sobre el proyecto aquí.

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